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You're Not Too Old and It's Not Too Late: Claudia's Story

Claudia Hamilton Davisson is a private practitioner based out of Michigan and a mentor for my Start Your Private Practice program. Claudia has been a SLP for over three decades and has worked in so many different areas of the business. In this episode, Claudia shares how she started her business as a private practitioner on the side of her job. She talks about the reasons she was drawn to private practice and the areas where she sees other private practitioners get stuck in their business. We also talk about where she sees most of her referrals come from and her advice for someone who is unsure if opening their own private practice is the right move for them. 

What we discuss: 

  • What her career has been like as a SLP
  • What made Claudia entertain the idea of starting a private practice
  • Issues she’s seen other SLPs in the program have within their business
  • Her advice for someone who isn’t sure if they can get into private practice



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