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Where Are They Now with Rene Robles and Cristina Ramos: Did They Open Five Clinics in Five Years?

Rene Robles and Cristina Ramos are private practice owners who are known for taking strong, decisive actions. Rene and Christina were on the podcast in early 2019 and shared their story of building a SLP practice with three locations and over 700 patients. In this episode, they dove back into their 5-year business plan and the progress they’ve made on their goal of opening one new practice a year for 5 years. Rene and Christina shared how they’ve successfully navigated the transition to teletherapy practice during the pandemic in just three days! The pair also talk about their upcoming plans and how they will continue to weather the storm while growing their private practice. 

What we discuss: 

  • How Rene and Christina ended up starting a private practice together
  • What their 5-year business plan was and how their progress is at year 4
  • How they’re handling the transition into teletherapy in the midst of coronavirus
  • Their plans going forward with opening their next clinic and weathering the storm


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