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"Tami's 'Start' Student Success Story: Tots, Trans Voice and now... Telepractice"

On this episode, I'm going to introduce you to Tami Teshima of Duncan Lake Speech Therapy. Tami is one of the star students from the Start Your Private Practice Program. She is one of our biggest cheerleaders for our students, always celebrating their wins and providing encouragement. And now she has #LeveledUp and has become a member of Grow Your Private Practice.

Tami was a school-based SLP who got laid off (a year before covid!) She had always wanted a private practice and took it as a sign to do it. So she joined Start Your Private Practice and we recorded this episode on the anniversary of her first year in private practice.

Tami loves working with young kids and also doing gender affirming voice and communication modification. Tami's bubbly and friendly fun personality is something that you will fall in love with.

As you listen - be thinking about what aspects of Tami's story you identify with.

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