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Taking Control of Her Life and Circumstances: Tia's Story

Tia Javier is a private practitioner and one of only 91 Spanish speaking speech-language pathologists in the state of Virginia. She is actually someone who I first came across when she joined the Start Your Private Practice program. Tia saw a huge need in the market for a bilingual private practice. In this episode, she shares how her student loans motivated her to make this decision, what a typical day in her practice looks like and her plans for the future. I really like Tia’s attitude and how she doesn’t look at obstacles as a set-back but instead figures out a way to overcome them. 

What we discuss: 

  • How Tia got into private practice
  • What she did to put her plan of starting a private practice into motion
  • What her day to day life looks like within her practice
  • Her advice for SLPs who want to open a private practice



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