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"Self-Care for Private Practitioners" with Katie Samples-Willams, SLP

Katie Samples-Williams, SLP experience as a speech-language pathologist is incredibly unique. She joined her parents' 40 year old private practice, directly following her clinical fellowship year, and she currently works alongside her father. While their patients have included everyone from infants and centenarians, their private practice specializes in dysphagia and laryngectomy treatment. Katie also has a professional interest in the wellbeing of speech-language pathologists as a community and in applying a holistic approach to client care.

Here's What We Cover:

  • Her thoughtful selection of a certified therapy animal and the positive impact he has made on her clients
  • Her experience regarding the numerous ways to become involved in your community
  • Her journey to becoming a trained professional in recognizing and combating burn-out and compassion fatigue
  • Jena’s 2019 word and a critical part of her workday that many SLPs forget
  • How important it is to meet the needs of the client’s family as well as the client

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