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Reflections on Becky's First Year of Private Practice

Becky McArthur is fully embracing the new way to start a private practice. I am seeing a lot of new SLP’s take this route for their career - doing things such as seeing clients at home, being lean when it comes to finances, not straying away from technology. This is exactly what Becky did as the pandemic hit, she quickly learned how to take her private practice online and started doing telepractice to meet her clients. In this episode she discusses this experience, what led her to start her private practice, differences between SLP from the U.S. and Canada (where she’s located) and what she’s learned since opening her private practice. 

What we discuss: 

  • How Becky got started in the SLP profession and what led her to the decision to start a private practice
  • What differences she’s noticed between SLPs in the U.S. and Canada
  • What she’s learned over the past year from having a private practice
  • Her experience with doing telepractice 


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