Private Practice Success Stories


Private Practice Director, Professor, Author AND Mom

Susannah Silvia, a friend of Jena's from high school in New Orleans, was determined to overcome the odds despite the staggering effect of Hurricane Katrina on her personal and professional life. She pursued a career in early intervention and now is the director of the same private practice at which she started her clinical fellowship. Currently she balances being a mother, author, and professor with a goal to increase her impact on the SLP world in the upcoming year.

Here's What We Discuss:

  • How she discovered her passion for speech-language pathology in lieu of other helping professions
  • Her decision to pursue an ownership position within her first professional setting
  • Her commitment to developing multiple streams of income for multiple life-enhancing reasons
  • How another SLP helped her make her book publishing dream come true
  • How she transitioned from being a university guest speaker to an adjunct lecturer

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