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"Just Jump In" and Other Advice After 19 Years of Practice

Ruth Bass, MS, CCC-SLP started her career as a speech-language pathologist later in life. After working for another company, she decided to branch out on her own. Ruth started her pediatric private practice, Island Therapies with the intention of remaining small on purpose. In this episode, we talk about how to keep things simple but profitable and her perspective on taking things back to the basics. She talks about going at your own pace and doing what you want as a private practice owner. Ruth and I explore some of the best marketing strategies she’s uncovered over the years that have led to client referrals and how she makes the most out of referrals.

Here's what we discuss:

  • Her reasoning behind why she’s wanted to stay a small practice
  • Her advice on asking for help and hiring for the things you aren’t good at
  • Ruth’s tips for someone thinking about going down the road of private practice
  • How she feels about starting small and taking baby steps
  • How Ruth uses the concept of friend-raising to get more client referrals

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Staying Small on Purpose with Kelsey Martin

Ep. 120
There are so many benefits to having a private practice, but one of the most desirable benefits is the ability to have a flexible schedule.Kelsey Martin, who is joining me in this episode, knows all about the balance that private practice can offer. She created a private practice so that she could spend as much time as possible with her young children while financially providing for her family as an SLP and business owner.Kelsey is the owner of Playful Communication in Waxhaw, North Carolina. She specializes in serving the pediatric population and particularly enjoys working with children ages birth to 5 and those that have Down syndrome like her sweet boy, Isaac. Kelsey is married to Nate, and they have two beautiful children - Isaac and Rae. Her kiddos are her inspiration for her private practice and the flexibility it allows. She keeps her practice "small on purpose" to allow her to be with her children and show up for all of life's big and little moments with them!Kelsey explains in the episode that she “struck gold” because she was able to build something that is perfect for her and her family, so we dive into how she started her private practice, what her days look like, why she is staying small right now and so much more.In Today's Episode, We Discuss:Shifting from being work-focused to family-focusedSlowly making your private practice presentDesigning a private practice that helps you reach your goalsDefining success as a business ownerMaking decisions with confidenceIntentionally thinking of yourself as a CEOI love that Kelsey has consistently trusted the timing of her life and the growth of her private practice. She is using her private practice as a vehicle to take control of her professional, personal and financial life while helping herself and her family. I can’t wait to see what she does next!Being able to help her throughout her journey has been so amazing. She was once in the Start Your Private Practice program, but she has now moved onto my higher-level program which is helping her get to the six-figure level and grow her private practice.If you're already earning about $2,000 a month in private practice and you need help increasing your income, hiring a terrific team, getting systems in place, and becoming a CEO, head on over to My FREE webinarfor established private practitioners, How to Grow Your Private Practice to the Six Figure Level and Beyond, is on June 15th at 9pmEST!Resources We Can Connect:Subscribe to the PodcastFollow Me on InstagramFollow Me on Facebook

The Cost of NOT Starting a Private Practice

Ep. 119
Have you ever thought about the cost of not starting a private practice? Have you thought about it both in terms of the money you could be earning and also the time you could be spending doing things you love?One reason why SLPs put off starting private practices is that they worry that they need a lot of money for startup costs.In this episode, I am flipping the script and talking about the cost of not starting your private practice.We tend to think about financial costs, but there are also time costs, psychological costs, and emotional costs. I am breaking down each of these!In Today's Episode, We Discuss:The monetary cost of starting a private practiceWhat you do need to pay for to start a private practiceUsing your private practice to speed up the process of paying off debtThe cost associated with telling people noHidden costs of private practiceConsidering what you are missing out onBy saying no and deciding not to get set up, you have lost out on some income that you could have had in your bank account!I want you to commit to starting your private practice now. Stop waiting! You are qualified and I can help you with the business aspect of it.If you want help starting your speech therapy private practice, head on over to . You will be notified as soon as we open the doors again! I cannot wait to help you.If you are not sure if The Start Your Private Practice Program can help you, DM me on Instagram @IndependentClinician to talk about it!Resources We Can Connect:Subscribe to the PodcastFollow Me on InstagramFollow Me on Facebook

Serving Clients and SLPs with Ardith Wuckert

Ep. 118
Have you ever wanted to create and sell a resource for SLPs in addition to your private practice offerings?In this episode, I am joined by Ardith Wuckert. She is currently in the process of diversifying her private practice income streams, so we are getting into how she is doing that through digital paid resources.Creating and selling digital resources is a great way to add another income stream AND help other SLPs. I think we can all agree that is a win-win!Ardith Wuckert is a speech-language pathologist (SLP) who is passionate about all things speech! She is an evidence-based clinician that applies the latest research and proven practices to her intervention approach.Ardith opened Speak Easy Speech Therapy to bring her dream of connecting with families to a fun, engaging and comfortable environment come true. She has been in private practice since 2016 providing in-home and clinic-based speech, language and specialized orofacial myofunctional therapy services to a variety of adults and children throughout New Hampshire. She also has a home-based clinic in Nashua and offers school-based therapy as well as teletherapy services to her clients.In Today's Episode, We Discuss:Navigating the beginning stages of private practiceWhy you shouldn’t wait to be making more moneyCreating programs to support your practice and studentsHow you can increase your impact and incomeFilling in the holes that you are seeing in your own private practiceOvercoming imposter syndromeI am such a huge fan of multiple streams of income and also solving problems for yourself and for others. This episode is such a good reminder to keep increasing income as well as impact top of mind.I highly recommend signing up for Ardith’s newsletter or browsing the programs that she has available to purchase! She can help you make speech therapy a little bit easier.If you want help starting your speech therapy private practice, head over to Once you’ve entered your information, keep your eyes peeled on your inbox for an invitation to join once enrollment opens again!Resources Mentioned:https://speakeasyslp.net We Can Connect:Subscribe to the PodcastFollow Me on InstagramFollow Me on Facebook