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How to Think Like a Business Owner: A Conversation with Theresa Richard and Jena Castro-Casbon

Theresa Richard is a SLP, founder of Mobile FEES, the Medical SLP Collective and host of the Swallow Your Pride Podcast. Theresa and I have been friends for years and I had her on to have a conversation about business and our mindset as two successful business owners. We talk a lot about the analysis paralysis that many people face when starting their private practice and why you should just commit and do it. We also chat about why mistakes are a great learning experience, how now is a great time to start your practice and why you should choose a specialization for the clients you serve. 

What we discuss: 

  • Our experiences of getting started out in our businesses
  • How you can get started inexpensively
  • Why you might want to consider starting your private practice as a side hustle
  • The reasoning behind why you should specialize your practice



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