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From 'No Plan' 5 Years Ago to Plans to Expand to Multiple Locations: Vanessa's Story

Vanessa Anderson-Smith owns a private practice that has seen a lot of successes over the past few years in her business. You might recognize Vanessa’s because we featured her on the blog a few years back where we shared how she went from having zero plans to a 4-month waitlist for her services. In this episode, I caught up with her to hear about how her business has grown since then. She shares her advice for opening a successful private practice in a rural area and advice for people with type B personalities who are thinking about private practice. She discusses the growth of her business including how she is opening a second location with room to expand it even further.

What we discuss: 

  • The transition from her first job as an SLP to a private practice owner
  • Her experience with word of mouth marketing
  • How she chose her specialty around feeding therapy
  • Her advice for opening a private practice in a rural area



From ‘No Plan’ to 4 Month Waitlist: Vanessa’s Private Practice Success Story

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