Private Practice Success Stories


"From a Small Practice to a Multidisciplinary Clinic" with Laura Knott-Riggal, SLP

Laura Knott-Riggal, SLP had extensive experience as a school SLP when she launched her private practice over six years ago. It has since developed into a multidisciplinary with multiple therapy providers and supporting staff. Her clientele spans both children and adults, though her primary focus has been on early intervention services. She continues to explore avenues for expansion and innovation.

Here's What We Cover:

  • The importance of visually appealing content on one’s website
  • Her decision to take a no-holds-barred leap into the private practice arena
  • How she carefully grew her business into a multidisciplinary clinic
  • Her keys to success leading to a steady stream of clients and work-life balance
  • Her heartfelt recommendations for up-and-coming practitioners

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