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Choosing Her Own Adventure with Jeannette Washington

Jeannette Washington is someone who continually seizes the opportunities that come her way. She started her career as a SLP working for schools before deciding to take the leap into private practice. She founded her company, Bearly Articulating and in this episode, she talks about what led her to that decision and how the transition was for her. We chat about why she decided to learn to code and how she’s weaved this into her work as an SLP. She also talks about her new book, Technical Difficulties: Why Dyslexic Narratives Matter In Tech.

What we discuss: 

  • Why Jeannette decided to go to the private practice route
  • What the transition of being a private practice owner was like
  • Why she learned how to code and how she’s integrated tech into her work as a SLP
  • Her advice for people who want to get into speaking and publishing

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