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Building a Practice with SLPAs: Jessica's Story

Jessica Sekhorn is a private practitioner based out of the Houston, TX area. She started out as a SLPA in college and knew this was the career path she wanted to take. In this episode, she shares her journey of becoming a SLP and how she decided to start her practice, Thrive Speech Therapy. She even discusses how she uses SLPAs to help build her private practice. She talks about how she’s been able to set her private practice apart from others and how she’s gotten an influx of referral sources from getting contracts with insurance companies and creating an opt-in on her website. 

What we discuss: 

  • How her career was before starting her private practice
  • The transitions she’s made since getting insurance contracts
  • What she plans to delegate (and the surprising thing she doesn’t want to delegate)
  • Her long-term goals for growing her private practice
  • How she uses an opt-in to get more referrals and build a connection



Thrive Speech Therapy

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