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5 Years and 50 Contractors: Luba's Story

Luba Patlakh Kaplun is a speech-language pathologist in the Philadelphia area who has built her private practice from zero to 50 contractors in just 5 years. In this episode, she shared how she’s built her private practice and how she plans to continue growing during the pandemic. We talked about how she got into this career after leaving behind broadcast journalism, how she transitioned her practice to teletherapy in just two days and why you have to be persistent while you build your practice. Luba shares the importance of making progressive steps to get to your goals and her advice for other private practice owners.

What we discuss: 

  • How she transitioned from broadcast journalism to speech-language pathology
  • What made Luba decide to start her own practice
  • The lessons she's learned from growing her practice 
  • Transitioning into telepractice within a two day period


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